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大学表达 - Free Campus Transportation


的 # College表达 offers free transportation to and from designated stops in Bristol, VA to Virginia Highlands Community College for VHCC Students. 的 service is available Monday - Thursday, allowing students to attend day classes.

Space is limited to 40 students, so if you are enrolled at VHCC want 去骑 # College表达 please enroll TODAY!  Once you have enrolled, we will contact you and let know all the details of your individual transportation plan, including the location of your bus stop and the times for pick up and drop off.

  • Can every student at VHCC ride the # College表达?
    Space is limited to the first 40 students who register to ride.
  • Can I ride the # College表达 to other places?
    的 bus is a direct express route to VHCC with no other destinations or stops.
  • How much does it cost?
    VHCC students must present a valid VHCC Student ID to ride for free.
  • I am already at student at VHCC. 我如何注册?
    Students who are already enrolled at VHCC can sign up as a rider with the # College表达 马上就到这里 link.
  • I am taking a night class. Can I use the # College表达
    This service will allow students to attend DAY classes. No night transportation available at this time.
  • 我住在阿宾顿. Can I ride the # College表达?
    # College表达 service is available for residents in Bristol, VA. If you live in the Town of 阿宾顿, the Mountain Lynx Transit has a flexible-fixed public transit route that can stop at VHCC every hour.
    For more information about using the 阿宾顿 Transit, go to
  • If I take the 阿宾顿 Mountain Lynx Bus, can I still ride for free?
    If you are a VHCC Student, the college may be able to pay bus fare for trips that take you to and from VHCC. 请电邮至 College表达 了解更多信息.
  • What days does the # College表达 run?
    Service runs Mon-Thurs. (When most classes are in session.)
  • What if I don't need to use the # College表达 every day? Sometimes, I get a ride to VHCC with my friends.
    If a student plans to use the bus occasionally, they must enroll in the program. Students should email College表达 at least 24 hours prior to schedule. As an occasional rider, transport from a location that has not been designated as a pick up spot is on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed.
  • What time will the bus pick me up?
    的 # College表达 bus routes and times are subject to change based on need and student use. 在你 签约 去骑 # College表达, you will be contacted and given the exact location and times for your individualized transportation plan.
  • What times does the # College表达 arrive at VHCC in the morning?
    的re is one morning route that arrives at VHCC by approx. 8am, allowing students to attend the first class of the day.
  • What times does the # College表达 leave at VHCC in the afternoon?
    的re are two afternoon routes. One leaves VHCC at approx 2 p.m. and the other at approx. 4 p.m.
  • Where are the bus stops?
    # College表达 route is based on the individualized transportation plans of each VHCC student who has 签约 to be a rider, so the stops and times on the route are not always the same. Students who want 去骑 # College表达 should sign up at this link.

Will the bus pick me up at my house?
# College表达 does not guarantee pick up or drop off at your exact location. Easily accessible bus stops will be identified based on locations of all students enrolled with the # College表达. 在你 签约 去骑 # College表达, you will be contacted and given the exact location and times for your individualized transportation plan.

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